How to find a US shipping supplier.

Dropshipping Suppliers

The mode of transport is still valid today. Basically, shipping from Chinese suppliers to the US, Europe or Australasia begins because the price is cheaper, not the shipping from suppliers shipped from the US. As more and more Chinese products enter the Chinese market, it is increasingly difficult for Chinese suppliers to survive. That’s why suppliers shipped in the US are now very popular.

Why Dropship from US-shipped Suppliers
  • Faster delivery time (2-8 business days delivery)

By shipping directly from the US warehouse, US customers can receive their packages within 2-8 business days. This is a huge improvement compared to China’s 4 weeks or so.

  • Easier to sell

US shipping can even be a good point to market products. This means fast delivery, good quality and convenient after-sales service, which makes your products different from similar products shipped from China. Taking advantage of this, your sales rolling goals can be made easier than ever.

  • Create a sustainable business and win repeat customers

Supplier shipments from the United States facilitate customer loyalty. Over time, you will collect more reliable suppliers. Create a virtuous circle to grow your career.

As you can see the advantages mentioned earlier, the disadvantages also exist. Procurement costs may be much higher, and fewer varieties of products are fatal flaws that drop from US shipping suppliers. Here are some websites that are a good source for collecting US shipping suppliers at a low price.

4 Sites to find US Shipped Suppliers
  • Alipay

Due to its wide range of products and low prices, Alipay is still a major supplier to logistics companies. Most of Alipay’s suppliers are from China. However, there are many suppliers that ship directly from US warehouses. The price is good, the delivery is fast, and all the requirements are met. Methods as below:Input keywords in the search bar > Filter with Ship from the United States > Tick 4 stars & up if you want further to filter more reliable suppliers. 


In addition, you can join the AliExpress dropout program. In the logistics center, Alipay will recommend some popular DS products based on its internal conditions. But you must manually filter the suppliers shipped in the US.

  • CJDropShipping

CJDropShipping is one of the most reliable agency agents, and is the primary transportation partner for many of the top 100 Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Etsy stores. They provide free US warehouse stock to ensure fast, safe and stable delivery to customers. Items are pre-stored and can be processed on the same day in US warehouses and ships through USPS in 2-5 days! You only need a shipping fee.

These are the products shipped from CJDropShipping in the United States:

These are US shipped products from CJDropShipping:

  • Banggood

A China supplier with a local warehouse in the US, UK, AU & FR and more than 200k products for dropshipping. Product shipped from US warehouse mostly promise a delivery in 2-8 business days. There are two ways to find US shipped products on Banggood.

1. Go to Banggood site

Input keywords in the search bar > Filter with US warehouse > Tick Ship in 24 hours if you want quicker delivery. 


2. Go to
A subsite of Bangood, all products shipped from the US warehouse.

Most of the recommended suppliers are Chinese suppliers who replenish stocks in US warehouses with a wide range of products and good prices. In addition, you can also get off the Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, etc., and countless American products.


After all, dealing with Chinese suppliers is not the only option you can make. The perfect cooperation with Chinese suppliers and US suppliers will be a huge force to expand your business.

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